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Hi Folks,

Blog update on my career and travels, quite literally ‘moving on’. I have decided to shut everything down in Sydney, pack-up and head to South East Asia, Middle East and home to Ireland for ~5 months travel and then resurface back in Sydney the end of January.

By the time I leave my current employer I will have served 3 good years in a high-end Tier 2 consultancy in Australia. I joined Oakton (National SI) as BizTalk Architect in 2010 but my real passion then was ‘The Cloud’. Since being with Oakton I have moved away from BizTalk (few small gigs), became a Solutions Architect and specialised as a Cloud Architect. Client base during my time in Australia were large enterprise customers in the Manufacturing, FMCG, State Government, Utilities, Higher Education and Private Sector. I have worked across the full Microsoft Stack and also Solution Architect with technology vendors like Tibco, Oracle, SAP, AWS to name a few. Oakton is a great consultancy which gave me a diverse career path to exploit my pre-sales talents, bid work (RFP’s), some great clients, dabble in application manage services and transform my career into a fully-fledged Cloud Solution Architect working across architecture and strategy.

Two years ago I was also selected to be one of only two V-TSP (Virtual Technology Specialist) on the Windows Azure Australia Team, this was a testament to all the work I had put in on learning the Azure platform inside/out from Go-Live Day 1 in 2010 (I still learn it inside out!).

So with my leaving Australia for a number of months and shutting things down completely (phones, apartment, internet, Foxtel, etc.) it also means I need to shut down two things close to my heart career wise:

  1. I’m currently the Windows Azure Sydney User Group Leader and Founder for the last two years, for the past year I have been working long term at a client in Perth and have been struggling to keep my work commitment up with my User Group leader responsibilities. With that in mind I have just handed over the User Group Leader position to Simon Waight of Kloud Solutions. I’m very excited to be able to hand this over to such a trustworthy person and Azure specialist and I’m sure between him and the local MVP team will do a great job at running the User Group.
  2. As mentioned above I’m currently a V-TSP for Azure, I have reluctantly (personal decision) decided to step down from this program too, it is a great program and it was excellent working with the local Australian Azure Team (thnx team). Am sure my position will become available and the right candidate will get the new role. Being part of this team allowed me to work directly with some of Australian’s largest enterprises and help them architecturally make Azure deployments a success.

So what’s next for me? As mentioned above I have been working on Cloud architecture and strategy for nearly a year with my current client and have thoroughly loved it, I remained vendor agnostic at all times and found myself working heavily across a LAMP/Oracle stack, here are some highlights of my work:

  • Data Centre Private/Hybrid Cloud Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • Application Portfolio Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Cloud Policy, Risk and Guidelines for the enterprise
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) panel member
  • PaaS Market Assessment
  • PaaS Vendor Options Paper
  • PaaS Architecture and Roadmap
  • Cloud Business Case(s)
  • Cloud procurement enterprise adoption “Cloud first model”, SaaS where possible.
  • SaaS Risk Assessments e.g. ServiceNow

I hope that my next career steps will remain in cloud architecture and strategy (along with pre-sales and a move into management) and also getting hands on in the solution architecture phases of work when it comes to a specific vendor or products e.g. Azure, AWS, CloudFoundry, OpenShfit, SFDC etc.

I haven’t as yet decided where in Australia I will settle when I’m back (flight booked for Sydney but that can be changed!), also whilst I’m travelling I would be very interested if any enterprises would like to avail of some short term contract work with regards Cloud architecture and strategy, I have always wanted to work in South East Asia so now is as good a time as ever!

I’m looking forward to the break and enjoying/sampling gluten free food around the world, let’s hope the Cloud industry doesn’t move to fast for me and I can still stay on-top of my game with good old RSS and a blast of Twitter each day…

Thanks to all my consulting clients, colleagues, community members, vendors (especially Microsoft) that I have met and worked with over the last 3 years, lets hope we can kick it all off again Jan ‘14


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